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Mental Health Vendors Woe Senators with talk of “Reform”. Abuse and Tragedies Portrayed as “Distortions and Misinformation”

Patricia Weathers
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Sheila Matthews
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Congressional Briefings Call for Early Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Children’s Mental Disorders. Mental health proponents use more of the same double talk to make their campaign appear unflawed.

Proponents of the mental health system, including service providers, victims of mental health propaganda, administrators, and benefactors recently targeted senators at a private lobbying seminar this past week. Their latest sales pitch was launched publicly to address what was described as “misinformation” and “distortions,” which they say stem from children’s mental health and its complexity. This latest effort called “The Campaign for Mental Health Reform,” initiated by groups with financial ties to pharmaceutical dollars, comes at a time when considerable negative attention has greatly damaged the core of these pro-mental health group’s.

A series of unfortunate events continue to plague pro-mental health, pro-pharmaceutical groups which they have not been able to extricate themselves from. These events include:

This negative attention comes as a wake up call to the nation that real mental health reform is needed and that this reform needs to be with substance!

Children’s mental health is not a complex topic as proponents of mental health continue to allege. Statements like, “Only 20% of children with mental disorders are identified and receive mental health services, leading to school failure, substance abuse, involvement with the juvenile justice system, and suicide,” are good sound bites that lack provable merit. Sadly these fear tactic catch phrases have been repeated so often that the public has been indoctrinated with what constitutes as no more than unscientific “voodoo.” The mental health industry itself knows that it lacks a proven tracking system to account for such figures.

What is real is the victim’s of mental health abuse continuing to come forward to publicly air their tragedies. This cannot be denied or downplayed. It is neither, complex or subtle. These tragedies occurred as a result of mental health abuse, corruption and deceptive statements. The fact is that many have died from drugs being marketed by the industry in the guise of “treatment.”

It is their blood, the blood of many that lies with an industry driven to profit at all cost. Such is mental health today!

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