Joe Hoft, Author & Contributor to The Gateway Pundit Is Coming to Vero Beach!

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“America is facing the greatest threat to its existence right now. We are under siege by an evil force that is trying to destroy everything good and holy about this great Country.” Joe Hoft

Shut off the mainstream media and come out to a live event and get exclusive access to another point of view.

Joe Hoft is an author and weekday radio show host of “The Joe Hoft Show” at He runs his own website and has contributed for over seven years at The Gateway Pundit alongside his brother Jim. Joe is a frequent guest on numerous radio, website, and TV shows around the world. ┬áHe is world-renowned for his groundbreaking interviews with the most high-profile figures of the day and his earth-shattering reporting backed by his knowledge gained from years of study, hard work, and experience.

Come meet him in Vero Beach and stay informed on topics that may affect your life.

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