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Kansas City Police Investigation into Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting Reveals the Influence of Big Pharma & Exposes Their “Mental Health Division”

Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting:

Police Investigation into Kansas City Chiefs Parade Mass Shooting Reveals The Cracks in the Long-term Investment in Big Pharma’s Police Mental Health Divisions With sixty homicides on his hands, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas told a crowd at his first Town Hall Meeting in 2018 that money should be diverted to mental health and trauma to reduce gun violence and high homicide rates.  “You should be able to not have gunshots waking you up, or being a soundtrack of your life,” Lucas boldly told constituents at the meeting. Sounds good, right? Not necessarily.

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AbleChild Launches New PSA & Petition

Please click photo above or here for PSA Please click here to sign Petition Take Action for Federal Hearings!

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Parents of School Shooter on Trial and on Psychiatric Drugs

Once again, the November 30, 2021, shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan and the subsequent trial now taking place, leaves the public with more questions than answers. Most of the missing information deals with the son’s mental health. It’s convoluted. First, we have reports that the father, James Crumbley, gave his son, Ethan Crumbley, “pills” and said suck it up when Ethan reached out to his parents for help (according to some of the released text messages of Ethan Crumbley).  This raises the first red flag.  What pills did James Crumbley provide to Ethan and did Ethan take them?   It has been made public that the mother, Jennifer Crumbley, was taking Xanax which is a Benzodiazepine, which comes with a host of adverse events, including irritability, trouble concentrating, confusion, feeling of unreality, mood changes, actions that are out of control, attack, assault or force, nightmares, suicidality and agitation. 

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The Beginning

Founded in 2001 by parents who had their own personal experiences with label and drug coercion by the education system, Ablechild has a personal commitment to inform, support, and unite others faced with all aspects involving labeling and drugging children. Ablechild has a full understanding of what a parent/caregiver goes through when dealing with school systems recommending, and many times pressuring a parent for mental health evaluations. We recognize that schools will many times force-feed mental health approaches on parents, while steering clear of science-based education resources and solutions.

We Need You

AbleChild is nothing without our supporters. Our organization is non-profit and we rely on support from our community to keep our services alive. Join us our on our journey to inform the world by donating financially, sharing our information, or following us on social media. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible!

Informed Consent

Knowing that informed consent is a must and a critical component in making an educated decision, Ablechild and many of its individual members have worked diligently since 2001 to provide the public with extensive information at Federal, State, and Local Governmental hearings, at educational conferences, events, Governmental meetings, and throughout national and local media circuits. We have directly advocated and worked on creating laws that would strengthen “Informed Consent” and guarantee a person’s “Right to Refuse” psychological testing and services via the education system.

Many members of this organization have advocated directly for state and federal legislation outlawing school personnel from recommending psychotropic drugs for children within schools across the nation. We can proudly say that our organization and the united efforts of its members were instrumental in the lobbying and passing of the Federal law entitled “Prohibition on Mandatory Medication Act”. This law is now part of the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) and stands as the first of its kind, outlawing forced child drugging on a federal level.