What Are Donations Used For?

  • Provide content for parents to make informed decisions about their children's medications
  • Lobby lawmakers to change laws in favor of informed pharmaceutical consent
  • Spread the word on radio shows, TV and news to bring more people to the cause


Donate Funds

Our primary way to keep AbleChild active is from financial donations from people who we have helped. If our program has helped you, consider helping us out with a donation.

Shop on Amazon

Amazon Smile is a service by Amazon that donates a small percent of all purchases to a charity of your choice. This is a great way to support AbleChild with no cost to you.

Donate A Car

DonationLine takes car donations and turns them into financial donations for charities and non-profits. If you find yourself with an extra car, consider donating it!


Join Newsletter

AbleChild is stronger when we link up with the people in our community. Join our newsletter to keep informed, and find how you can actively participate with us.

Spread The Word

We are able to continue our efforts because we have supporters that let us know our efforts are helping. Follow us on Social Media and share us with your friends.

Tell Us Your Story

We have a section dedicated to our Parent Voices. If AbleChild has helped you or your family, we invite you to share your story with others and join our Parent Voices page!