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Legal Issues

Sometimes we need to bring in experts who know about pharmaceuticals. We keep a listing of helpful organizations and companies you can contact if you find yourself in need.

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Derek Braslow

Lawyer with expertise in pharmaceutical cases

Derek T. Braslow, with The Braslow Firm, LLC, located outside Philadelphia, PA, is a Partner to Ketterer Brown Anderson. Derek is known for his compassion to clients and his passion for pursuing justice. He has been a leader in the legal field, notable for being one of the first attorneys to file suit on behalf of families who lost a child, spouse or parent to suicide as a result of psychotropic medication and one of the first to file a suit against investigators, sponsors and institutional review boards for conducting unethical human clinical trials.


A place to find experienced lawyers to handle your case

Vickery & Shepherd has a long, long history of litigating and actually trying cases against medical device and pharmaceutical companies when they choose to sell unsafe products to consumers. Our blockbuster Paxil verdict in Wyoming in 2001 lead to industry wide warnings about the dangerous side effects of this drug and, more recently, our 2013 Humira verdict in Chicago set new legal precedents for the obligations of drug companies to act reasonably and responsibly when they know their products are harming people. This, as much as anything, is our “wheelhouse.”

The Baum Hedlund Law Firm

Lawyer with expertise in class action lawsuits

This firm has been at the forefront of harmful drug and medical device litigation for more than 25 years and have faced off against some of the largest drug companies in the world. It litigated the improper drugging of children with a drug, Paxil, its manufacturer knew did not outperform sugar pills. Years of document analysis and depositions of company employees and academics linked to the promotion of falsified efficacy data led to government investigations, a widely publicized study exposing the actual data in the renowned British Medical Journal and settlements for both parents and insurance companies that paid for the ineffective pills. Its litigation and consumer advocacy helped lead to the eight-figure results and widespread publication of the fraudulent enterprises. It has also provided testimony and evidence to the FDA, State Senate, Congress, and even foreign governments to assist in exposing certain fraudulent practices of Big Pharma in promoting harmful drugs and medical devices.