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About Us

AbleChild: Parents for Label and Drug Free Education is a nationally recognized Non-Profit Organization (501c3) dedicated to parents, caregivers, and children’s rights alike. Incorporated in New York in November 2003, Ablechild is steadily moving toward ensuring that all caregivers are provided with a safe haven, resource center, and support network when faced with issues surrounding subjective psychiatric labels assigned, and drug “treatment” prescribed, to our nation’s vulnerable children.

AbleChild, a national parent’s rights organization, is dedicated to protecting full informed consent and the right to refuse psychiatric services.

“Informed consent can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an intelligent choice”

The American Medical Association, 1999.

Some Background 

On September 2, 1958, President Eisenhower signed The National Defense Education Act.   This act included a five-fold increase in the programs at the National Science Foundation for education for the ABLE Children.

In essence its purpose was to make an education available
to the Able student, while encouraging self-reliance.

Since The National Defense Education Act was passed, the intent of the act has gone far off course.  The money allocated for the Able child under the National Defense Education Act was diverted from the National Science Foundation into the National Institute of Mental Health.  The Government’s appropriation of money for the Able children became a financial source for unethical and questionable clinical drug research on children. The mental health industry lobbied to obtain grants to conduct clinical drug trials on children.  The mental health industry revamped the educational model, appointing the School Psychologist to identify children based on subjective behavioral characteristics.

This was never brought to the American people for a vote.

On September 29, 1970, a hearing was held before a subcommittee on Government Operations entitled: “Federal Involvement in the Use of Behavioral Modification Drugs on Grammar School Children of the Right to Privacy Inquiry”.  This hearing not only confirms the lack of validity of ADHD, but it also outlines the conflict of interest the Mental Health Industry has in the clinical research studies that it markets to the American people.

On September 29, 2000, exactly thirty years later, Patty Weathers testified before a subcommittee entitled “Behavioral Drugs and Our Schools”. Patty testified that her son was dismissed from the public educational system because of her refusal to continue to drug him at their request.  Ms. Weathers has united with parents across the country that have lost their children from the harmful side effects of the drugs, as well as parents who refuse to label their children with unproven mental illnesses.

Today, we have over 6 million children on psychotropic drugs.   What started with clinical drug trials on children, without proper informed consent, has become a way of life in public education today.

“We must act now to protect for this and succeeding generations not only our human and material resources, but our free institutions as well” Public Education and Political Consequences” – The Gaither Report of 1957.