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ABLECHILD Wins Request to BAN the use of Paxil on Children in the Department of Family Services System in the State of Connecticut.

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Patricia Weathers                     845-677-8115

Sheila Matthews                       203-966-8419
National Vice President
After our repeated calls to Governor Rowland’s Office regarding the recent findings that Paxil causes suicidal ideation and behavior tendencies in children, The Department of Family & Children Services of Connecticut Advisory Committee has removed Paxil from use in children in DCF care for a six month period pending further review.

We are thrilled that the Department of Family Services has taken our organization’s request and the FDA’s warnings seriously and has removed Paxil for use in children in state custody. Even though we are encouraged with this recent victory, we strongly feel that the lack of informed consent and the right to refuse “drug” treatment for these children is at a crisis level.

The lack of accountability of the number of children in state care diagnosed with subjective mental illnesses is an alarming problem, not only in the State of Connecticut, but also throughout the Country. We look at this recent BAN on Paxil as a stepping-stone to protect all children and reform the broken sy