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National Association of School Psychology Down Plays Drug Deaths and Misleads Public on State Laws On National Public Radio

Patricia Weathers
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Sheila Matthews
National Vice President
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 In a NPR radio segment on the Here and Now show that aired yesterday, the National Association of School Psychology Spokesman, Peter Welley, told the public that Connecticut’s law that prohibits school personnel from recommending psychotropic drugs for children was rescinded. Connecticut’s legislation signed into law on June 28, 2001, has served as model legislation for other states around the country. Peter Welley, speaking on behalf of the organization for school psychologists, further indicated that there were many complaints launched against the Connecticut legislation. knew this public claim aired live was an outright falsehood. We suspected it to be an outlandish and meager attempt at best, to mislead the public by steering it away from the fact that this nation has been passing legislation in order to counter the epidemic of children being forced onto drugs via the public schools. Ablechild immediately launched its own investigation into this serious matter by placing a direct call into Republican Lenny Winkler’s office, the Sponsor of the Connecticut Law, as well as a practicing emergency room nurse. Her office confirmed our beliefs by assuring us that the law has not been rescinded, or in any way changed. Furthermore, has learned from their office that the only complaints that they have received regarding this legislation, were from, not surprisingly, The National Association of School Psychologists. Questioned more in depth, Representative Winkler’s office indicated to us that there was not one parent complaint.

There could be several motivating factors, which prompted this organization to misrepresent the facts publicly. The possible loss of grant money is just one incentive for continuing today’s trend of labeling and drugging our children. Ablechild suspects that there will be many more similar attempts to misrepresent and divert public attention by organizations that have preyed off of our children for many years. These group’s financial incentives are on shaky ground, and it is not surprising that they grasp at thin air, in lieu of so many facts arising to the public nationwide regarding legislation and drug risks. It could be that the nation’s widespread anti-coercion Federal and State legislation, Great Britain’s ban last year of the use of 8 different antidepressants for children and adolescents, America’s own on-going FDA investigation and warnings on antidepressants, and the many Federal legal cases pending regarding informed consent and drug risks, all had a hand in making many groups a tad bit jumpy.

Children’s health and safety are being compromised daily and The Association of School Psychology takes no responsibility for this reality associated with their diagnoses and recommendations. This is a national mental health crisis, and confirms the fact that we need Federal protection in place for our children. To read about the current Federal Legislation called “The Child Medication Safety Act” and to help ensure a child’s right to grow up healthy and drug-free click here  Legislation.

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