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Ablechild Petitions Connecticut Governor And Public Health Commissioner To Provide Public With FDA Warning On Antidepressants Before Treatment

Patricia Weathers
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Sheila Matthews
National Vice President
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 AbleChild has learned that last week the Connecticut Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Galvin, submitted to Governor Rell a written opinion on Informed Consent relating to the recent FDA Antidepressant Warnings and their link to Suicide in adults and children. Ablechild requests that the office of Public Health, as well as the Governor’s office, provide this written opinion on informed consent to the public immediately, to ensure that the public is aware of the ongoing investigation and public health warnings regarding antidepressants and the implications surrounding this issue.

This year FDA warnings on Antidepressants immediately followed an FDA investigation, which was launched on a different class of antidepressants known as SSRI’s (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). This investigation and subsequent warnings comes after the United Kingdom banned the use of SSRI’s in 2003 for anyone under age 18, due to their propensity to cause suicidal ideations in children and adolescents. Currently the FDA has required that the drug companies re-label antidepressants with stronger warnings, requiring them to disclose their links to suicide.

This past week, on the Federal level, a Congressional Investigative Subcommittee Hearing, which was to investigate drug companies’ concealment of clinical data involving harm and negative side effects of Antidepressants, was abruptly shut down. This shut down, was a result of the Subcommittee Chairman’s (Congressman Greenwood-PA) acceptance of a job with one of the company’s under investigation. This recent news highlights the corruption within the political process, and the conflict of interest, both of which have sadly overrode our children’s health and safety.

In light of these facts, Ablechild has taken immediate action in Connecticut to increase public disclosure of the very real risks and life threatening warnings that these drugs have, in hopes of dispelling the myth that these drugs are safe and effective. Misinformation, comprising of the idea that these drugs are safe for our children, has been for many years, all too easily and eagerly, spread by the pharmaceutical industry manufacturing them, as well as a major portion of the mental health industry. Both of these industries have vested financial interests as top priority.

The State of Connecticut has a responsibility to protect public health. The public needs to have access to all warnings in order to make informed decisions regarding whether or not to use antidepressants for “treatment”, being recommended for depression and other psychiatric labels placed upon our children. These warnings need to be taken seriously, should be disclosed readily prior to “treatment”, and should not be overlooked. Informed Consent, hand in hand, with public safety, should be everybody’s top priority!

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