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Sign Petition for Congressional Hearings on Military Suicides

Ablechild’s mission is informed consent regarding the psychiatric labeling and drugging of children.  In support of any measures that will bring attention to psychiatric abuses in this regard, Ablechild is pleased to support The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR, petition for Congressional hearings into the epidemic of military suicides.

Though Ablechild focuses on the rights of children and families, the same system of psychiatric abuses are occurring in the military and we heartily support any legislative measures that would also protect our fighting troops.

As part of this petition drive, Ablechild recommends that our members view CCHR’s new documentary, The Hidden Enemy, which exposes the abuses of psychiatry on the nation’s military forces.

PLEASE join Ablechild in supporting this petition for Congressional hearings into the link between psychiatric drugs and the epidemic of military suicides by signing the petition located on the right side of page.