Child Advocate Report, Claims Adam Lanza “Untreated?”

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This is Dedicated to All Children

The long awaited report from the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate regarding the shooting at Sandy Hook openly admits that the state failed Adam Lanza by not adhering to the special education laws already on the books.  This reinforces AbleChild’s efforts for full disclosure of Lanza’s medical and mental health records to demonstrate the rise of school shootings and their link to psychiatric drug use.

Like almost every aspect of the Sandy Hook shooting incident, this report does not provide actual documentation to support its conclusions, but, rather, a “story” has been crafted for public consumption in an effort to gain support for an increase in the already intrusive mental health programs within the State.

Recall that in the spring of 2013, AbleChild sued the State for release of Lanza’s medical/mental health records and autopsy/toxicology findings.  The State has not released those findings. Rather than rule on AbleChild’s request for full disclosure, the State FOIA Commission determined it was a “legal matter,” and left AbleChild, who had petitioned on behalf of the public, the only option of a lengthy and costly litigation to the Connecticut Supreme Court.

AbleChild’s attorney, Jonathan Emord, wrote that the Medical Examiner’s refusal to disclose information requested by AbleChild “violates the equal protection and free speech clause of the Connecticut and federal Constitution.” AbleChild argued that failure to disclose this information is a public safety issue and tied to a national crisis of school shootings.

What seems clear from the Advocate’s “story,” however, is that Adam Lanza received numerous evaluations and completely subjective psychiatric diagnoses, beginning with the “Birth to Three” system.  Over the course of the next thirteen years, Lanza had been diagnosed with no fewer than nine disorders or disabilities and had been evaluated by no less than three psychiatrists.

Oddly enough, while it seems clear from the Advocate’s “story” that Lanza’s “Individualized Education Plan” (IEP) “Team” was at least aware of his mental health issues, albeit having an incomplete record, the “Team” was not as concerned about Lanza’s educational progress. For example, according to the “story,” Lanza completely skipped the entire eighth grade and still was allowed to enter the ninth grade. How exactly did the IEP “Team” make this decision? A show of hands? Secret ballot? All those in favor say, “aye?”

Adam Lanza, according to the “story,” was not receiving home-bound or hospital based tutoring.  He was not attending school at all, for the entirety of his eighth grade year but the IEP “Team” got together in June of 2006 to set up Lanza’s class schedule for the ninth grade? This is incredible.

All too often the Advocate’s “story” places blame on Nancy Lanza, when, in all actuality it was the psychiatrists, psychologists, IEP “TEAM,” and the Yale Child Study Center that dropped the ball which is clearly evidenced by the numerous admissions that, “there are no records…”.  One thing is certain, the decision to allow Adam Lanza to enter the ninth grade, without having completed any of the required work in the eighth grade, could not, by law, be made by Nancy Lanza.

And, to make matters worse, Lanza apparently was allowed to remain out of school, with no tutoring or Home-Bound services based on his psychiatrist’s evaluation…the same psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Fox, who was referred to Nancy Lanza by the Newtown School system and who subsequently voluntarily gave up his license to practice in New York and Connecticut because of his sexual relations with patients. The same Dr. Fox destroyed his patient records, fled the country, and is currently living in New Zealand.

Despite what appears to be a complete disconnect between the school district and Dr. Fox, the Child Advocate’s Office recommends that these kinds of referrals by the school to outside psychiatrists continue. Where is the oversight? Who determines which psychiatrists are qualified? And, given that Fox destroyed all of his records in this case (and who knows how many other referrals) where is the accountability?  This is the exact reason informed consent is critical and should always include the right to refuse psychiatric labels and drugs.

Also of interest is the never before released information about “The Big Book of Granny.” Recall, that this school project has been used repeatedly by “mental health professionals” to make the case that Lanza’s violent tendencies began at a very young age.  Now, thanks to the Child Advocate’s “story,” the public has learned that this was a joint effort and co-written by another fifth grade boy.

The question, of course, is how much of the violence can actually be attributed to Adam Lanza? The Child Advocate’s office does not answer that question, but, rather, continues down the psychobabble path that the book stands out “to mental health professionals” as a text marked by extreme thoughts of violence and there should have been an intervention. But whose “thoughts of violence?”

In the end, and of little surprise, the Child Advocate’s Office provides pages and pages of recommendations that will increase mental health intrusions into the school system. And all of these recommendations are based on flawed, misleading and incomplete records of the “services” provided to Adam Lanza.

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  • Excellent, excellent piece. Thank you for this and for your continued pursuit of the facts in this ever-stranger case.

  • There is officially no denying the fact that something is being withheld regarding The events of 12/14. By whom and for what reason is a question i hope can be answered one day. I can’t understand how this isn’t of more intrest to the general public? Is it because the mainstream news media has never brought these questions into the sandy hook discussion? Why have they not done so? This is a huge public safety concern and we need to be aware of what caused this to happen. We need to also know why its being withheld from the public as well.

  • I’m wondering about the head injury four days prior to the shootings–his mother had allegedly stated in an email to a friend that Adam had “bumped his head badly” and that there was “some bleeding.” Wondering whether a mild traumatic brain injury could have induced a sudden-onset personality change.

  • I understand the Attorney General commented when he defied the state’s open records law and refused to release the records that if he did so, no one would want to take the drugs Adam Lanza was on. This was an admission that indeed he was on psych drugs. When more and more young people are put on more and more drugs, there will be more and more shootings. What will the media have to say then? When will this disaster for our country come to an end?

  • Hi AbleChild,
    I am well versed in the events of Sandy Hook, and I have done a number of detailed videos on the subject.
    The Office Of The Child Advocate have made a GRAVE ERROR in producing such claims as they’ve presented in this report.
    I have ABSOLUTE PROOF that Adam Lanza attended the 8th Grade… and there are OTHER details they are lying about.
    The question that should be asked is, why???
    I know why.
    All the best,


    Below are some of the mass-murderer statistics (thanks to Deborah Merlin and her book, Victory Over ADHD ): The Virginia Tech shooter murdered thirty-two. Cho was prescribed the antidepressant drug Prozac prior to his rampage. Jeffrey Weiss went on a shooting rampage on March 21, 2005, at Red Lake High School that left ten dead, including him. Earlier that day, Weiss had killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend. He was on Prozac and the dosage had recently been increased. Eric Harris, one of the killers at Columbine High School, was on the antidepressant drug Luvox. Court records show that the prescription for Harris had been filled ten times between April 1998 and March 1999.Three and a half months before the shooting, the dosage had been increased. The Physician’s Desk Reference records show that during controlled clinical trials of Luvox, manic reactions developed in 4 percent of the children given the drug. In Houston, Texas, Andrea Yates drowned her five children while taking Effexor and Remeron. Christopher Pittman shot and killed his grandparents at age twelve. He claimed a voice inside his head told him to kill his grandparents on November 28, 2001. Christopher had recently started to take Zoloft to treat mild depression.

    A more complete list

  • I read the “report” by the Office Of The Child Advocate. It includes little or no actual documentation, and instead refers generally to school and medical records. The story presented is highly questionable. Not only did it omit basic information, such as important names and dates, but it was predominantly a series of here-say interviews of anonymous sources. It is certainly unlike an actual scholarly report. Most disturbing to me, was an acknowledgment of gratitude to a list of Newtown stakeholders who had no psychiatric expertise, or first hand knowledge of the subject. Apparently, the report was guided by the town selectwoman, as well as local, state and federal law enforcement.

    It is my hope that Able Child can continue to pursue records, and obtain, if they exist as reported in the police report, the hospital records from an emergency room visit by Adam, which took place while he attended St. Rose of Lima, in his 8th grade year.

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