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PHARMA & POLICE: Unraveling the Ethical Quandary

Unraveling the Ethical Quandary:

Conflict of Interest in Police Investigations with Pharmaceutical Products at Crime Scenes

As the intersection of pharmaceutical products and crime scenes becomes increasingly prevalent, a complex ethical dilemma emerges within police investigations. The presence of pharmaceutical substances at crime scenes introduces a significant conflict of interest, raising questions about the impartiality and integrity of law enforcement procedures.  This is all the more concerning when NAMI, the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill is involved in training police officers.  NAMI is funded by big Pharma.  It is not only the substances found at the crime scene, but the substances given as “treatment” for “mental health.”  The public health departments, and police departments are more focused on getting people onto the drugs than safely getting them off.

This video interview delves into the intricate challenges posed by the involvement of pharmaceutical products in criminal activities, shedding light on the ethical considerations that arise when investigating such cases.  For more information or to sign the petition for federal hearings, please visit our organization  LINK TO PETITION