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Parents on Trial? Billion Dollar Behavioral Health Industry in Investigations Produces Conflict of Interest in Mass Shootings

Behavioral Health Industry Influence in Investigations Produces Conflicts of Interest in Mass Shootings

In a new twist associated with school shootings, parents now are on trial when their child commits the unthinkable.  Does this make sense?  No. But the public is getting to watch the second part of the Crumbley trial – James Crumbley, the father, in Michigan, whose son, Ethan, killed four at Oxford High School in November of 2021. The prosecution is making the shooting about the parents’ failure to get Ethan mental health treatment and providing Ethan with a gun. But there is much more going on.

It sounds like the family had plenty of access to mental health. Remember the mother, Jennifer Crumbley, has already been found guilty of manslaughter (failing to secure a gun and ammunition at home and failing to get help to support Ethan Crumbley’s mental health).

The fact is that James and Jennifer Crumbley met with the school counselors just hours before the shooting occurred. Apparently, everyone agreed (including the school counselors) that Ethan was fine to stay at school that day. And, at trial, the prosecution witness psychiatrist Dr. Lisa Anacker said the son, did not meet the statutory definition of being mentally ill.

So, if the experts’ said Ethan was not mentally ill, why are the parents being found guilty of failing to provide mental health counseling to Ethan? Sounds bizarre. What is more, Oxford High School has massive funding for mental health treatment.  In fact, President Biden’s executive order now has mental health clinics right in the schools. But there’s more to understand.

When the parents were located, two psychiatric drugs, Adderall and Xanax, were found with them. This is of interest as testimony in court reflected the son being handed psychiatric drugs by James Crumbley.  So, the question is what was the diagnosis for the drugs being prescribed to which parent and who is the prescribing physician?  Why aren’t prosecutors discussing the mental health of the parents? Is there no empathy for them? Do we only use mental health as way of prosecuting those who aren’t getting mental health treatment?   How about talking about the mental health “treatment” the parents obviously received but clearly was not working.  Nope. No spotlight on the failed mental health community.

Instead, the State of Michigan is funding behavioral health vendors within the police department and prosecutors’ office, placing the parents on trial, and targeting the access to guns.  What about the access to the behavioral health drugs that are tied to a large percentage of these mass shootings and increased risk of violence and homicide?

The mass shooting investigations and trials are loaded with behavioral health “experts” funded by the State through hard-earned tax dollars and appear to be so biased that they continue to produce more funding for the behavioral health industry after each mass shooting and failed investigations.  Reports are never fully released to the public, and when they are released, they are redacted to withhold the mental health and behavioral health records.

AbleChild says that the State of Michigan is responsible for this mass shooting by not addressing the behavioral health vendors involvement with the family and the school, and the police department training, infiltrated by the behavioral health industry.  This training provided to law enforcement is conducted by the behavioral health industry and is clearly a conflict of interest when mental health products and services are involved.

To think the public is just going to continue to ignore the clear conflict of interest of these embedded behavioral health vendors and constant focus on anything but mental health is no longer an acceptable practice.  The American people are no longer buying “it was the gun” scenario.

Let’s look at the behavioral health involvement with the police departments. It has clearly impacted the possibility for an unbiased investigation and has left the public at risk without ever solving the real reasons for another mass shooting.  President Biden’s gun violence strategy to stop mass killings takes the focus off the common factor, powerful mind-altering drugs that are tied to increased risk of suicide and homicide and, instead, targets guns.

One only needs to understand the investigative process that now occurs in Oakland County, Michigan to grasp the egregious conflict of interest going on in law enforcement investigations of mass shootings. For example, the very detectives charged with getting to the truth about this shooting at Oxford High School have been trained by the behavioral health industry and have testified against the parents in this case.

It doesn’t take a doctorate degree to understand where the blame will be placed. Once again, the behavioral health industry will walk away free from guilt and, instead, receive increased funding by the State.  This must stop. There is much more going on and the public needs real answers or get used to increased mass shootings.