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BREAKING NEWS: Psychiatry Drops the Ball on Hale Treatment in TN

Image by mspark0 from Pixabay

Retired Nashville-area police officer, Lt. Garet Davidson, has reported that Covenant School Shooter, Audrey Hale, was much sicker mentally than has been reported and may account for why the shooter’s mental health history, including prescribed drugs, has been withheld from the public.

According to Davidson, a psychologist who treated the shooter in 2023 had referred her to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center psychiatric department prior to the killings at Covenant. Additionally, the Tennessee Star reports that Hale had fantasies about violence.

Further, Davidson reported that “there was communication, I believe, from the therapist to [Vanderbilt] Psych, and some of those records probably were shared.”  Davidson further explained “[Vanderbilt] Psych records showed specific ideations, fantasies about mass shootings, doing that at the school.”

Is anyone surprised? AbleChild has been calling for the release of Hale’s mental health records and, specifically, the shooter’s psychiatric drug “treatment” for months. Clearly anyone can understand why psychiatry would NOT want this information made public.

Surely everyone would wonder when the Vanderbilt psychiatrist heard about the fantasies of shooting up a school, why they did not deem Hale a harm to herself and others? Or is it a case of Vanderbilt just changing up her psych drug regimen? The problem with the latter is that if Hale already was on a cocktail of psych drugs, adding or changing up the drug cocktail could send her into a tailspin.

If somebody did drop the proverbial psychiatric ball, then, of course, somebody’s gonna have some splainin’ to do. Oops! It seems completely clear now why everyone associated with Hale, or the school, wants to hide her records. Who are they covering for?

Time will tell. But this latest information just about puts the rabbit about as out of the hat as it can get. Let’s have it. Give the public all the information about Hale’s mental health and psychiatric drug “treatments” so everyone can start working on why the shooting occurred and who needs to be held responsible.