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Sandy Hook’s, Adam Lanza, and Nashville’s, Audrey Hale, Mental Health Records Are Key to Violent Attacks

Newstimes Contributed Photo Nancy Lanza Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut

July 8, 2024

The decision by Tennessee Judge I’Ashea L. Myles to withhold from public view every single document written by Audrey Hale, the Covenant School shooter, is like Groundhog Day. Remember that all the mental health records surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting also have been withheld. What is it that can’t be seen in these shooting incidents and who is being protected?

Recall that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012, was one of the deadliest school shootings, leaving 20 children and 6 adults dead at the hands of 20-year-old Adam Lanza. Like in the case of Audrey Hale, in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, Lanza’s complete mental health record was never made available for public review and may be providing cover for Yale University Child Study Center and Robert King, MD.

For example, one of the most disturbing revelations of the Sandy Hook shooting incident is that doctors “treating” Lanza at Yale had offered treatment for his profound emotional disabilities six years prior to the shooting (15-years-old). But Yale University and media outlets would have the public believe that Nancy Lanza refused all “treatments.”

If refusing to let her son be drugged with psychiatric mind-altering drugs is considered refusal then, yes, that is true. However, according to the Connecticut State Police investigation, Nancy was concerned, and reported to Yale Child Study Center, that Adam was having an adverse drug event from the anti-depressant Celexa he had been prescribed.

This does not mean that Lanza did not receive further mental health “treatment,” as it also is in the investigative record that Nancy Lanza had decided to put another psychiatrist, Paul Fox, in charge of Adam’s “treatment” program. One must wonder, though, whether Yale Child Study Center may be withholding key documents that could implicate them in what many would argue was a failed treatment plan for Lanza.  Did Yale participate any further in Lanza’s “treatment?” Was Lanza part of any experimental mental health treatment?  Could psychiatric drugging be the trigger that led to a 115 pound emaciated young man to go on a mass killing spree?

There is no doubt that Audrey Hale’s mother and father knew a great deal about their daughter’s mental Health “treatment.” Likewise, Nancy Lanza played a significant role in her son’s mental health treatment and reportedly wrote copious notes within a diary. Unfortunately, like Lanza’s complete mental health treatment documents, Nancy’s diary has never been made public.

There are no copyright concerns regarding Lanza’s diary.  Afterall, these records are part of a mass killing investigation that has long been closed.  In addition, if HIPPA is in question, there are exceptions to HIPAA laws regarding consideration for public safety. Why can’t these documents see the light of day? After all, aren’t we all trying to find out what makes the shooters’ tick…why they kill?

Transparency around this issue could provide important insights into how to better support families and make more informed decisions regarding ethical mental health approaches and preventing future tragedies. While Nancy Lanza’s privacy should be respected, the public interest in understanding what interventions may have altered the course of events at Sandy Hook certainly should outweigh any concerns about confidentiality.

Like Audrey Hale’s mental health record, the treatment plan of Adam Lanza should be released.  Dr. Robert King and Yale Child Study Center should be accountable for the treatment Lanza received. If there are additional records held by Yale Child Study Center, it’s time for this information to come to light. It may improve the way mental health is dispensed and potentially save lives.

First Lanza, now Hale. When will the deliberate withholding of mental health records end. When will those doing the “treating” be held accountable for the fact that their patients didn’t get better and, in fact, became much worse under their care. It is quite clear that the public does not benefit from withholding Lanza or Hale’s records. So, who exactly is benefiting…who is being protected?

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