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Meet Sheila Matthews

I am a mother from the State of Connecticut who testified on a new law to restrict school personnel from recommending behavioral drugs. Schools should not be mental health clinics, but a place were children can develop mentally.

I stand by other parents and lawmakers who want to protect children during their early childhood development. All parents have a right to hear the validity of this disorder. There is a need for a Federal Law to prohibit profiling through ADD checklist and the marketing of selective research studies on mental disorders in the public school system.

After thirty years and billions of dollars on drug research for attention deficit disorder, we ask for accountability. Brain Scans, DNA, blood from children, but yet no proof of the existence. The State of Colorado, Georgia, Washington, Minnesota, North Carolina, Hawaii, Texas, Utah, Connecticut and now New York ask for accountability from the drug and mental health industry, the FDA, and the United States Government on the validity of this disorder.

These children need educational resources not labels and drugs. All Children young and old lost when these funds were diverted away from Educational Tools and Teacher Training to the mental health industry.

These children falsely accused of suffering from mental disorders deserve to be heard on the floor of Congress as well as in a Court of Law. Ten States State’s taking action should send a message to Washington. The Federal Government must act as Well.

– Sheila Matthews, Cofounder, State of Connecticut and Florida