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Gloria Wright

NEVER – EVER – GIVE UP! A Grandmother’s Story

Gloria Wright with her grandson Noah.

We raised our grandson, Noah, the first 5 years of his life — he was a happy, energetic, “normal” child who was a delight to be around. He was removed from our home by his mother (our daughter) at age 5 and was quickly entered into the world of legalized drugs by his mom through a willing doctor who was a stranger to him — his own pediatrician having refused to put a normal child on amphetamines or psychotropic drugs. The gate of entry for Noah was via Ritalin, or methylphenidate, which led to his being placed on 16 more drugs, including psychotropic drugs (see below* note).

Noah’s life was transformed from one of happiness and good health before his drugging, to one of severe depression, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, severe migraines, severe hostility, homicidal tendencies, aggression, suicidality, etc., etc., etc. His history now includes involuntary commitment to 7 mental hospitals, placement in 12 foster homes, and literally dozens of so-called mental health “professionals” pulling and tearing at his life & his psyche. At each turn, at each institution, while in the hands and/or care of these “professionals” Noah was taken deeper and deeper into the world of a severely mentally ill youngster, for he was being legally drug abused to the full extent of 1000 mgs per day (!) of psychotropic/antidepressant/SSRI drugs. He was only 14 years old!

When we gained custody of Noah, after a 10 1/2 year court battle, he was in such poor condition mentally/physically and many of our friends were upset to look at him. His face was badly swollen, he drooled, his head hung down with his chin on his chest, he could not look directly at anyone or anything and his eyes frequently rolled back in his head, and he walked with a slow, shuffling gait. We learned via testing that he was on an early second grade level in his learning.  He was 14 years old!

During the 18 months we have had custody of Noah, we have had him in therapy with a wonderful psychiatrist, and psychologist and a neuro-psychologist.  They have all worked diligently and in dedicated fashion with our grandson & have succeeded in bringing him back toward normalcy. It was during the second visit with the psychiatrist that he remarked our grandson was not ADD/ADHD, nor was he borderline personality, bipolar, manic, etc., etc. and that he should not be on any of the drugs! Drugs he had been LEGALLY ABUSED WITH for years! He began removing him from the drugs — a long and painful procedure for Noah and for us (my husband and me) for we went through the detox procedure in our home! Thus we entered into this detox nightmare with him for the long haul, but together we succeeded — Noah, after 6 months of detox/withdrawal, is now totally drug free and making progress toward a more normal life. He is looked upon by friends and neighbors as a miracle — in fact, we are sure GOD has done just that in him — a miracle!

Rather than subject Noah to the stress of public school and anticipated teasing or torment, we (my husband Bill & I) decided to homeschool him – Bill teaching math & me, all other subjects.  Preferring to forget the negatives, today I can report to you that Noah is now in 9th grade in public school, having completed 1 year of homeschooling which was often intense, stressful & challenging – but nonetheless greatly rewarding.  We decided to reward Noah with an answer to a childhood dream of his since he was 5 years of age – the desire to take Karate classes.  He now wears a GOLD BELT in Karate, having worked very hard and earned it with honor!  Noah has now fulfilled another dream – that of playing on a football team!  Frankly, when dressed out in uniform, pads & helmet Noah looks like a mountain with legs, weighing in at 220 lbs, and plays defensive tackle for his school team!  Noah frequently remarks this is the happiest he has ever been, and it goes without saying, the happiest we’ve been in a very long time!

The purpose of my telling you all this, and for accepting the position of  Ablechild Vice President for North Carolina is for the encouragement and education of others, especially grandparents, who may be terribly frightened and/or discouraged. Prior to coming to live with us, Noah experienced anger, rage, violence, attempted homicide, and 2 suicide attempts that we are aware of, to mention just a few horrors. Every time Noah was in trauma he was on a severe drug not approved for use on children. What was the response from the mental health (psychiatrists) “professionals” or the medical “professionals”? Rather than removing him from the abusive drugs causing the trauma (had they bothered noting the PDR or label warnings for dangerous side effects) they treated the behavior/symptom with an additional new psychotropic drug or greatly upped the dosage of the drug he was on — WITH DRUGS NOT APPROVED FOR USE ON CHILDREN! Thus Noah was sucked into the world of mental illness CAUSED BY THE PRESCRIBED DRUGS!!! Consequently, I am committed to the support of Ablechild and to the public in general, on behalf of rescuing legally drug abused children and helping to return the sanctity of the American family!  No child should loose their joy, their freedom, and the wonder of making marvelous memories of a happy childhood – not Noah – not any child!

Frankly, it is a miracle Noah is alive and able to function. We are so thankful we were able to rescue him from the mental hospital where he had been placed and drugged into a stupor! Since gaining his custody we have intensely educated ourselves to the drugs used on Noah, their history, the mental health profession, the lax and nearly non-existent laws of a corrupt FDA, the corruption of the US educational system who helps place our children in the clutches of these drugs, the criminally corrupt offices of Department of Social Services nationally, the violation of the rights of children via involuntary commitment and drugging of these kids, etc., etc. Truth is being withheld from America’s families while elected officials reap financial rewards, while government officials & employees participate in a massive cover-up of information that could forever stop the legalized drug abusing of America’s kids and help to save the lives of thousands of kids, the lives of their families, friends, and even strangers.

I encourage all readers of this “biography” to do some homework and keep the heat on those whom you will find responsible for the tragedy of legalized drug abuse in your community area, and across the nation.  The death of innocence is taking place across America.  I appeal to you to join Ablechild and other groups committed to fighting this crime against our children.  Perhaps someday Noah will himself tell you his story. Today when he speaks on this subject people hold their breath as they listen, and then their tears descend! Help the victims get their message out — help to rescue America’s kids, and to save their lives and the lives of those they love.  Get involved and never, NEVER GIVE UP!

I pray for God’s Blessings on all who support Ablechild, and on America’s families & her children – for therein lies the future of this country!  GOD, Bless America!

*Only the psychotropic drug Prozac has been FDA approved for use on children under 18 years of age — the pharmaceutical companies know this and last year notified the health officials of England to the dangers of this drug, yet they did not notify the medical & mental health officials of the USA. Consequently, all use of psychotropic drugs on British children was ordered to cease, while the horrendous legalized drugging of America’s children was permitted to continue by both the pharmaceuticals and the FDA, and our elected government officials.

Gloria Wright, State of North Carolina

UPDATE:  Gloria Wright has passed away and we will truly miss her.  Ablechild commends Gloria on all her hard work on this important issue.  She was a true crusader of human rights in every sense.  We will never forget her.  RIP GLORIA