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The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline that Really Works!

Have you spread yourself too thin in your efforts to get your child to listen, pay attention and follow directions? Are you tired of wasting so much energy on methods that seem to have no effect, and need a simple strategy that really works? Family psychologist, best-selling author and parenting expert John Rosemond is the person to turn to. His thirty-six years of experience dealing with families using biblical principles and tried-and-true traditional parenting approaches is packaged into one very valuable how-to guidebook: The Well Behaved Child: Discipline That Really Works!

In the book, Rosemond equips parents with the tools to effectively handle a wide range of behavioral problems in children from ages three through thirteen. This clear, step-by-step guide outlines how parents can take a disciplinary approach that is based around three very important “C-words”: communication, commanding and compelling consequences.

The Well-Behaved Child consists of sections including:

  • Essential Discipline Principles
  • Essential Discipline Tools
  • Perplexing Problems and Simple Solutions
  • Not Your Everyday Problems
  • General Questions and Answers (Troubleshooting)

Among the notable aspects of Rosemond’s teachings that are included in the book is the “Short and Sweet” principle, which teaches parents to use fewer words when instructing children. This principle is proven to not only make it more likely for the child to obey, but it also saves the parent energy and frustration. The “Alpha Speech” principle that Rosemond uses in the book teaches parents to respond to children’s questioning with “because I said so” as opposed to constantly explaining themselves. This approach simplifies a child’s life and allows them to accept the parent’s authority instead of continually trying to challenge it.

The Well-Behaved Child is simple, practical and effective. It will create better leadership qualities in your child, strengthen the parent-child bond, and empower your child to become a better decision-maker.

About the Author

John Rosemond is a family psychologist and parenting expert. He has written thirteen books on parenting issues and is a syndicated columnist for over 200 newspapers. His latest book is The Bible Parenting Code: Revealing God’s Perfect Parenting Plan. Rosemond and his Certified Leadership Parenting Coaches answer questions at Rosemond is also an in-demand speaker on parenting and family issues, having appeared on a number of major television talk shows.


The Well-Behaved Child offers sensible, useful advice and opinion on a wide variety of parenting issues including tantrums (children’s, not parents’), sibling rivalry, stealing, lying, defiance and more.”