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Coping with Children’s Temperament: A Guide for Professionals

Pediatrician William B. Carey, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, brought us this insightful must-have guide to temperaments in children.  Instead of constantly growing frustrated with their child’s temper tantrums, impatience, irritability, self-centeredness and combativeness, Coping with Children’s Temperament: A Guide for Professionals gives parents, doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. an in-depth examination of temperament in children, what factors affects it, how it is affected, and how it develops over time.  And while these behaviors are normal in children, incorrectly responding to and managing them can put the child at odds with their caregiver, which can lead to clinical problems over time.

Once we understand what is causing these behaviors, the book provides specific techniques for managing and preventing these behaviors in the future.  Because while discipline may stop the behavior temporarily, it often does not solve the underlying problem.  You will also learn the ways that your child’s temperament may be affecting you, which parents are often unaware of.  Dr. Carey provides a wealth of research and helpful case studies to support his narrative.  In the foreword to the book, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop states that this book “should revolutionize parenting for many readers.”

About the Author

William B. Carey is a pediatrician who graduated from Harvard Medical School and did his specialty training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  He then remained in Pennsylvania for 3 years of primary pediatrics care.  In his solo practice, Carey specialized in child development and behavior, with a focus on the differences in temperaments of children.  He is well-known for a series of five temperament questionnaires he created with a team of psychologists, for children ages one month to twelve years old.  These questionnaires are commonly used as a reference across the world, and have been translated into many different languages.  Some of Dr. Carey’s other books include Development-Behavioral Pediatrics: Expert Consult and Prevention and Early Intervention.