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Is 8 Year-Old Boy Victim of ADHD Fraud?

Patricia Weathers
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Sheila Matthews
National Vice President
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Connecticut-Channel 12 News Report of 2/11/04 out of Stratford, Connecticut entitled “Allegations of physical abuse at Stratford Elementary School reported that Stratford Police were called to Nichols Elementary School on charges of abuse by school personnel. The mother of the 8 year-old boy, Marsh Davis, told the Stratford police that her son was physically abused by the school administrators. Channel 12 News reported that the boy was said to be suffering from the controversial label “adhd”.

Our organization, contacted the parties involved in this news report: Connecticut Channel 12, The Board of Education of Nichols Elementary, and the Stratford Police Department to request that Marsha Davis, the legal guardian of this child be given proper informed consent regarding the subjective label of “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. This must be done to ensure that her and her child’s basic rights of “informed consent” and the “right to refuse” at the time of the diagnosis was properly followed. We simply asked to provide Ms. Davis with our organization’s name. The Stratford Police Department told us to contact the board of education. Channel 12 and the Board of Education have been contacted by our organization and have not yet responded.

Marsha Davis must have access to the latest legislative actions on the local, state, and federal level regarding the over-identification of children, the right to refuse, and the one directly in question here, “informed consent”. Information must be provided to the parent on the controversial nature of the label “adhd”. This is of the utmost importance so that the legal guardian making decisions on that child’s behalf can make an informed decision to ensure the safety and well-being of the child.

The bottom line, we all need to find out what this mother “was told” about “adhd” and by whom. All parents deserve accurate information on the labels that are marketed to our children.

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