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Senator Dodd Steps into FDA Investigation and leaves The “Child Medication Safety Bill” Behind

Patricia Weathers
(845) 677-8115

Sheila Matthews
National Vice President
(203) 966-8419

 Today, Senator Dodd finally takes a position on the SSRI Antidepressant Crisis in America, but it is not in the support of children as we would have hoped, but rather in the corner of the Special Interest lobbyist group the “Psychiatric Industry”.

“Senator Dodd has been made aware of the 17 families from his State that have come forward to tell of coercion to place their young children on SSRI, antidepressants and behavioral drugs within the public schools”, says Sheila Matthews, National Vice President of “He also is well aware of the two board members of who have lost their children from the marketed psychiatric labels and dangerous drug treatment being foisted upon parents. Senator Dodd has failed to act on a bill that would protect parent and children’s rights. Instead, he writes to the FDA during an ongoing investigation to lobby for more drug research on children even with knowledge that these dangerous drugs have been directly linked to suicide in children. “Just what parents don’t want, dangerous drugs tested on our children.” Ms. Matthews added.

Senator Dodd’s office seemed unaware of the already $25 million dollars spent each year on drug research for “adhd” and other behavioral labels through the NIMH. His response seems to be the same; he is against coercion, but is not willing to sign an anti-coercion bill to protect children. He calls for more hearings, when the hearings have already taken place.

The fact is “children are dying” and parents want action on the Child Medication Safety Bill, not more drug research at the expense of our children. Parents are becoming more and more educated on the fraud of attention deficit disorder and the dangerous drugs tied to the label. Senator Dodd is clearly out of touch with parents from his home State of Connecticut as well as those from the rest of the Country.