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CCHR: 36th Annual Human Rights Awards

AbleChild was in attendance at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights Awards Ceremony in Beverly Hill California. It has been and will always be a pleasure to work with CCHR. Their dedication and perseverance to reform the drugging of our school children has been more than admirable. CCHR’s ongoing efforts is an inspiration to us all! Our gratitude and respect goes to CCHR and all of their wonderful members.

Rick Callender, President of the San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACP with Sheila Matthews would like to congratulate 2005’s winners for their great work.

  • Congressman Max Burns (Georgia)
  • Secretary of Education, Profesora Maria Yolanda Blanco Garcia (Mexico)
  • Lisa Van Syckel. Children’s Rights Activist (ICFDA)
  • Tom Woodward. Children’s Rights Activist (ICFDA)
  • Dr. Giorgio Antonucci (Italy)
Patricia Weathers with Tony Zizza Ablechild’s Vicky Dunkle, Patricia Weathers, and Sheila Matthews Gloria Wright, Patricia Weathers, Tony Zizza, and Sheila Matthews


Thank you CCHR for honoring AbleChild: Parents for Label & Drug Free Education for our “dedication and courage in helping to expose abuses in the field of mental health this past year.”