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Connecticut—Mental Health Reform

Another Connecticut mother comes forth after the state passed it’s landmark legislation to stop schools from forcing parents to place their children on mind-altering drugs. “This should reveal a frightening reality to all of us by clearly demonstrating the urgent need for the Federal Government to step in and pass The Child Medication Safety Act of 2003 ”, says Sheila Matthews, National Vice President of the grassroots organization The federal act would override state laws that are many times being ignored by schools nationwide.

Patricia Scapeccia, a Connecticut mother who endured years of coercion by her son’s school stated to AbleChild: “Parents are still getting pressured even threatened after Connecticut’s law passed. It is very disturbing that parents are receiving such biased information about the diagnoses and are not being told about the deadly side effects of the drugs that are forced upon our children by schools. The threats to take our children away from us if we do not opt for drug “treatment” by schools places us in a position of not being able to refuse and further puts our children in harms way. In the past, I, like so many others have been afraid to speak out, but I feel strongly now that I must to prevent this from happening to other parents.”

Patricia Scapeccia, Connecticut Mother, Sheila Matthews, National Vice President,, and Noelle Talevi, Connecticut Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights. For more information go to or call the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights 1-800-869-2247.
Citizen Commission on Human Rights Exhibit at Hartford Capitol “Psychiatry Exposed” Sheila Matthews, National Vice President of, host of section on Children Fatally Drugged gets support from Retired Connecticut Housing Manager, Benjamin W. Little