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Parents Thrilled With Cruise Interview: “Chemical Imbalance is Pseudoscience”

Sheila Matthews
National Vice President
(203) 966-8419

 A parents and children’s rights group says the recent debate with Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer on the bogus science behind psychiatry finally brings a public health crisis directly to the public: children are killing themselves and others while on psychiatric drugs. Mrs. Sheila Matthews, National Vice President of Ablechild, said, “Both Mr. Lauer and Mr. Cruise have opened up the media to a psychiatric opinion not substantiated by scientific fact: that children’s rambunctious behavior or educational problems are the result of a ‘chemical imbalance.’ Talk to the thousands of parents whose children, because of this lie, placed their children into the dangerous world of psychiatry and watched as their child worsened or even died from the dangerous drugs prescribed for it. We have! And Mr. Cruise is right.”

“Tom Cruise isn’t discounting that women and children have problems; certainly Brooke Shields has. But his comments make parents coast to coast very happy that the ‘chemical imbalance’ sham is broken into a national topic. Parents and new mothers have the right to know the facts,” Mrs. Mathews said.

She said a subsequent interview on The Today Show with American Psychiatric Association president, Steven Sharfstein, showed the degree to which the APA skirts around the “chemical imbalance” issue. When questioned about its non-existence, Dr. Sharfstein claimed that research “belies this” yet didn’t state what the “chemical” imbalance was or what specific physical test a parent or patient should ask for to support such a claim.

Ablechild Board Member, Dr. William Glasser, a psychiatrist since 1961 and author of Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health says that a true mental illness exists only if pathology can show something is organically wrong. “Psychiatrists are failing to teach people what they need to know and are offering them drugs instead,” he said. Prescriptions equal “big bucks,” Glasser says.

Writing recently to Congressman Wally Herger regarding Congressional Hearings that focused on Experimental Psychiatry with Foster Children, Dr. Glasser said: “There is no evidence that the drugs are in any way helpful, but there is a great deal of evidence that they may be harmful.”

Further, “No one knows what the long-term effects are from these drugs. The short-term effects, in many cases, are somewhat disastrous and include violent activity and suicide.”

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