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Research on demonstrates the lack of a chemical imbalance as recently debated on the Today Show

Patricia Weathers
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Sheila Matthews
National Vice President
(203) 966-8419, a nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public on informed consent and the right to refuse psychiatric services, has a wealth of scientific resources on its website validating Tom Cruise’s recent statements regarding the lack of science behind a chemical imbalance and the dangers associated with psychiatric drugs.

“Not since John Stuart Mills essay on Liberty has there been an awareness of individual’s rights and the responsibility of society to evaluate its actions,” said Clinton Libbey, an AbleChild volunteer . “Over one hundred thousand parents have contacted Ablechild with complaints of being coerced, as well as, not being adequately informed of the dangers associated with psychotropic drugs,” he added.

Dr. William Glasser, Board Certified Psychiatrist since 1961, recently submitted testimony for the Congressional hearings on Experimental Psychiatry on Children within foster care, which stated, “No one knows what the long-term effects are from these drugs. The short-term effects, in many cases, are somewhat disastrous and include violent activity and suicide. There is no evidence that the drugs are in any way helpful.”

This debate has opened up the media to a subjugated opinion held by many parents whose children have been abused or have died as a result of coercive psychiatric practices. Ablechild is currently working on a case of coercive psychiatry in the State of Illinois where two girls, aged 10 and 13, are being forced on four different psychiatric drugs against their mother’s wishes. Many parents are fighting the unregulated practice of psychiatric care whose voices go unheard by the public.

Children are killing themselves while on antidepressants according to the Food and Drug Administration, which recently required that antidepressants carry a blackbox suicide warning.

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