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The Ball is in the Court! Mental Health Outcomes on Trial

Public and private behavioral health relationships are killing our citizens by mass murder.  The merger between public and private entities has long been a problem for the American citizen. Have we reached a saturation level illustrated with mass killings throughout the Country? There is so much evidence at this point, it would be disastrous for us all to ignore.

Is the State acting as a double agent? An agent of the public and an agent of the private companies hired by the State? When the State is in that position, does the State support the citizen or the private company?

The mass school and public killings is a direct example and outcome of this 3-way relationship and hidden danger for the citizen. The State can no longer be trusted when it willfully selects the private company interest over the citizen. There is no greater crime when the State becomes a predator of the very citizen that is funding its existence.

It is clearly illustrated in the behavioral health model in which the States have heavily invested with taxpayer funding. The behavioral health industry is hired by the State to evaluate and treat Americans, citizens/taxpayers, relating to their “mental health” status or condition. This is done by schools, the department of children and family services, the public health department, and the court system. At every point of level the States have implement behavioral health evaluations. Who wrote these laws? The citizen had little or no input.

Based on an evaluation funded by the citizen/taxpayer and implemented by the State and done by the vendor, the average citizen is told that they may suffer from a mental disorder that needs pharmaceutical treatment. The State oversees this process and the taxpayer funds it. Who has the power in this 3-way relationship?

In fact the behavioral health industry not only has a well established seat at the table; they have their own committee that reports directly to each Governor in each State. That committee writes legislation and the State without a second thought endorses that legislation. The behavioral health oversight committee operates outside the legislative process and the citizen oversight. This is the fox in charge of the hen house approach to accountability.

The citizen has very little to do with the process. In fact, the citizen has no idea how powerful these behavioral health committees have become. The Committee (Behavioral Health Oversight Committee) operates outside of the legislative process. Google it; Behavioral Health Oversight Committee pick a State, any State, you are sure to find it. They write the legislation regarding their own contracts and implementation measures that often include the evaporation of the citizens basic human rights.

These third party contracts are a clear and present danger to the America citizen and a conflict of interest that is beyond the financial implications, but a matter of liberty and justice. The State has hired a third party with the taxpayer’s money to evaluate and treat the citizen. Based on that evaluation, citizens are “treated” without consent regarding the lack of science, and potentially deadly side effects from the products that the citizens are often forced to purchase.

No one is held to account if that treatment goes South. If there is a deadly outcome, the only one that is held to account is the citizen or maybe the gun manufacturers.

There are currently 3 cases that meet the example of the State treatments going terribly wrong, Texas, Illinois, Florida mass killings. AbleChild would be happy to further illustrate facts in the police reports in these 3 cases that expose this unholy alliance of State and behavioral health vendors.

Two citizens, one from Florida and the other one from Illinois have received the failed State treatment and now have entered into the Justice system. This is a wonderful opportunity to expose this third party vendor relationship that appears to be killing our fellow human beings.

Let’s remember the State hired the treating behavioral health vendor and used the products of the pharmaceutical vendor, who is also a big benefactor of the State contract, to mandate citizens to comply to treatment without full disclosed as to the possible deadly outcomes. The treatment goes bad, a deadly outcome occurs; and what happens next in the Justice system? Keep your eyes open and watch. The citizens will be held to account and the third party vendors will walk away most likely with more funding from the taxpayer. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Does the State act appropriately to stay neutral in the matter to carry out Justice and disclose the States relationship with the vendor? Does the State disclose the third party vendor’s name involved and release all the data relating to that citizen and State treatment interaction? Or is the State actually helping hide the relationship of the vendor to the citizen by withholding the information of the treatment that the citizen received from the vendor through the State?

The accountability the citizen faces relating to the hidden third party relationship can be anywhere from the loss of liberty to death. The emotional toll it takes on the entire society continues to grow. The families that have lost loved one are in our prayers. The work now becomes important. Are we emotionally ready to stop the mass killing enough to look deep into the third party relationship between the State, the Behavioral Vendor, and the Citizen?

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