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The National Defense Education Act versus the Mental Health & Drug Industries

The Biden-Harris Administration wants to help schools deliver “critical mental health care services” to students by, once again, proposing millions for an industry that has enjoyed billions over the years with deadly outcomes producing a generation in decline.   This massive mental/behavioral health industry started out as a “carved out research program” on children.  The program never received proper public hearings allowing the public, and particularly parents, to begin to understand the potential consequences of the strong pharmaceutical influence in the lives of their child’s daily routine at school or the potentially serious, long-term medical outcomes.  The program was pushed into the education system; and it began in the smallest State, Rhode Island, in July, of 1970.

Each administration continues to embrace the hugely funded lobbying arm of the pharmaceutical industry who have been the pushers behind that structural implementation of the rapid-fire growth mental health industry.  The government has even declared a “mental health awareness day of action”.  While the U.S Department of Health and Human Services claims to enhance the health and well-being of all Americans, their actions over the years have contributed to the Nation’s mental health crisis we are now facing.  America has a pandemic of mental illness, yet the administration has never taken the “root cause” of mental illness seriously.  If they did, the clear link between the explosive growth of the pharmaceuticals treating young children’s minds and deadly side effects of suicide, violence, hallucinations, dissociation, agitation, and other awful outcomes could not be ignored.  The unsolved mass murders by children who have been treated by the mental health “experts” within the public education system are horrific consequences delivered to an unsuspecting society because medical records and toxicology reports of perpetrators have been shielded from the public in the interest “of privacy”.  HIPAA protects pharmaceutical manufacturers, the burgeoning mental health industry, and failed ideological public policies rather than public safety.  The pharmaceutical and the mental health industries influence government and public schools and enjoy total access to our children through the Association of School Psychology, which has a total monopoly over public school students’ mental health protocols at this point.  Most of the killers have been their clientele through bad government policy (paid by taxpayers) and fulfilled through the eager pharmaceutical companies.

These ever growing failed “carve out” programs established back in the 1970s through a key report “New Patterns for Public EducationA progress Report to the Board of Regents for Education in 1971, was the blueprint for entrance into the schools for the mental health/behavioral health industry.  It was a disturbing report prepared by Engelhardt and Engelhardt, Inc., educational consultants and Joseph M. Cronin and Associates, Harvard University as it included research on children without consent, at Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital in Riverside Rhode Island.  The report declared regulations governing the Education of the Behaviorally Disordered. This report now introduces a child with the inability to learn.” It classified children based on Mild, Moderate, and Severe and profound behavioral disorders.  This once “carve out” psychiatric program allowed and enabled mental health efforts into our public schools.  No one has ever questioned their validity or authority. Today the mental health industry has gone from a small “carve out” within the public education system to a pipeline and distribution channel for the drug companies with no lack of labels and drugs for every child at every age.

While Biden-Harris intends to make new IDEA proposed rulemaking and a guide to expanding school-based services for millions of students using Medicaid and CHIP, we have a couple of basic facts to press on his “Unity Agenda”, falling under the current mantra of “Equity”.  It is indeed targeting the most vulnerable children in the foster care system by the state behavioral health oversight commission controlled excessive use of behavioral health drugs on children.

The government “carve out” grants, programs, and massive public relations on behalf of the psychiatric industry and the Association of School Psychology, is in direct conflict with the National Defense Education Act.  Recently uncovered initial documents expose how the mental health “carve out grants” allowed an unregulated drug industry into our public schools.  These out of print documents are a treasure for those who have been fighting for years on behalf of the gifted and Able Child defined in the National Defense Education ActThe misdiagnosing and false label of mental illness on children that are defined in the National Defense Education Act as Able, should no longer be accepted.

It’s a hard NO on the Biden Harris proposal for further expansion of mental health clinics in the public education system.  We ask all lawmakers to review and understand the National Defense Education Act instead and fully fund the vision President Eisenhower had for the Able Child through the National Science foundation. That funding was originally allocated for educational tools and teacher training in science-based education, skill building in reasoning, math, science, and the arts to support the Able Child.

While the mental health industry continues to focus on false claims that children have deficits in attention and are, therefore, mentally ill, we have the National Defense Education Act to prove they are 100% wrong.  We stand ready to help lawmakers ignite the proper funding approach through the National Defense Education Act.  To continue to financially fuel labels and drugs based on “subjective mental illness checklists” that truly abuse the intentions of the Eisenhower Able Child is dangerous for society, as we have witnessed in the skyrocketing of mass murders across the Country.  This is an American phenomenon, and it directly aligns with the skyrocketing prescription drug use on American children.

It’s time the lawmakers “carve out” strong support for the Able Child to provide reasonable, non-addictive choices as well as competition against this mental health monster that has gone unchallenged for decades.




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