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The National Defense Education Act versus the Mental Health & Drug Industries

The Biden-Harris Administration wants to help schools deliver “critical mental health care services” to students by, once again, proposing millions for an industry that has enjoyed billions over the years with deadly outcomes producing a generation in decline.   This massive mental/behavioral health industry started out as a “carved out research program” on children.  The program never received proper public hearings allowing the public, and particularly parents, to begin to understand the potential consequences of the strong pharmaceutical influence in the lives of their child’s daily routine at school or the potentially serious, long-term medical outcomes.  The program was pushed into the education system; and it began in the smallest State, Rhode Island, in July, of 1970.

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AbleChild’s Statement on Informed Consent as it Relates to Covid and Consumer Safety


AbleChild has worked diligently throughout the years on informing the public on the importance of Informed Consent and an individual’s right to be given all necessary information (full disclosures on diagnosis, benefits, risks, alternatives) regarding psychiatric drugs and children.  Informed Consent is no less important as it overlaps many different issues and comes back to overall public safety.

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FDA’s MedWatch Minute, Where has it been?

AbleChild found a 2016 Public Service Announcement on the Consumer Adverse Drug Reporting System.  One must ask, why hasn’t this been running on TV?  With the billion dollar drug industry advertising on TV, it is amazing that this FDA PSA hasn’t seen the light of day.  This is exactly why we need a urgent call to action to get a MedWatch law passed for the consumers.

We need your help, please take action  Please support our efforts to keep informed consent mission going!

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