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Iowa Mass Shooting – Are the Police in the Pocket of Big Pharma & the Mental Health Industry?


LinkedIn Posting of Sheriff Adam Infante at Dallas County Sherriff’s Office Mental Health Training, reflecting 2019 suicide data.

The introduction of behavioral health training for police officers has been hailed as a positive step towards improving law enforcement response to the overwhelming mental health crisis of suicides and mass murders.  However, beneath the well-intentioned initiative lies a complex landscape of challenges and unintended consequences that need to be investigated.

The significant downside is the risk of police departments over-reliance on an industry that lacks accountability regarding the fabricated data they appear to be selling to state and federal governments.  In the recent LinkedIn posting of Sheriff Adam Infante, now in charge of the Iowa mass shooting, shows the latest mental health training being provided to his team just six months ago.  Notice the slides in the background being pushed regarding the stats on suicides. However, the big problem with the data is its lack of any validity.  How many of those suicides’ stats were calculated based on the psychiatric drug black box suicide warning that was issued in 2004?  In other words, how many people that committed suicide were taking antidepressants and being treated by the billion-dollar behavioral health industry.  Are those numbers reflected in the pie chart and training material?

The media will use this latest mass shooting to attack gun owners instead of actually addressing what is causing the mass killing crisis that big Pharma has created with its dangerous mind-altering drugs.

Here is a shocking look at the Dallas County Sheriff’s office doing a PSA at the local pharmacy just a month ago.  What are the odds that the Sheriff will disclose the killer’s treating psychiatrists name or his mental health treatment records?  How independent is the police department from big Pharma and the Mental Health industry?

The media will focus on the shooter, which is good; however, the focus doesn’t matter unless someone mentions the elephant in the room – psychiatric drugs.  We need an independent investigative justice department that is willing to look at the role of the pharmaceutical and behavioral health industry as a contributing factor to these mass shootings.

AbleChild has written several bills that will tackle this urgent public safety issue, The Independence in Policing Act and Transparency in Forensic Medicine Act in the Medical Examiner’s Office.  And we need lawmakers to get on board with these pieces of legislation.

We can no longer ignore the influence of big Pharma and the billion-dollar Behavioral Health Industry has on the ability to end these mass killings.  This crucial aspect of ensuring the effectiveness and ethics of law enforcement responses to mental health crises of suicide and mass killings must be independent.