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Montana Senator Lashes Out After Article Highlights Montana Outsourcing Mental Health to China.



Senator Bob Keenan – Montana

Ten days ago, AbleChild released an article about the State of Montana outsourcing its behavioral health system to a New York consulting firm with ties to China.

Much to AbleChild’s surprise, Montana State Senator Bob Keenan (the Commission Chair and sponsor of the legislation) contacted AbleChild four days later, explaining that there were “so many inaccuracies in your opinion piece!”

AbleChild works hard to provide accurate information to its members and the public. So, naturally, AbleChild contacted Senator Keenan requesting that he provide exactly what he believed was “inaccurate” in the article.

No one could have expected such a derogatory email in response where the Senator literally berates AbleChild and either makes up or, in the least, hides the identity of some nefarious individual who slanders AbleChild without having the courage to show his or her face.

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What Happened to the First Amendment, Sandy Hook? – Reprinted Article



Wall Street Journal Photo – Alex Jones

Reprinted Article AbleChild legislation in the aftermath of Sandy Hook – Obtaining the Mental Health Records of Adam Lanza

Forward Note:

A simple search relating to any news coverage of Sandy Hook would show that the Sandy Hook families who lost their children didn’t sue Professor James Tracy.  In addition, it is noteworthy to understand that Professor James Tracy’s legal attempts to have the Supreme Court review his case under the first amendment were rejected, Why?  Professor Tracy wasn’t fired because of what he said, but the fact he didn’t disclose his outside activities that apparently violated his contract. – food for thought.

It is true Alex Jones questioned the official narrative the day Sandy Hook mass shooting was being covered live by the National News with the involvement from the FBI, and State Police.

Jones certainly wasn’t incorrect about the FBI agent showing up to a crime scene ill prepared and without the proper equipment, that shocking fact came directly from the FBI agent himself on the stand at the Alex Jones trial.  The same FBI agent who is currently profiting off the Sandy Hook crime scene by suing Alex Jones.  This agent failed to produce the FBI waiver that is required by FBI ethics and protocols to obtain approval to profit off such crime scenes.  This official FBI waiver was clearly missing  at the Connecticut trial of Alex Jones.  An FBI agent suing relating to a crime scene for profit?  This just might be a first.

Original Article:

What Happened to the First Amendment, Sandy Hook?

Reference articled by Jacqueline Smith

In response to Jacqueline Smith and her opinion of Professor James Tracy, two words immediately spring to mind: Toughen up. Strong reaction? Yes. But trampling on the First Amendment is serious and requires a strong response.

Smith claims that Professor Tracy doesn’t have a First Amendment right to “spew his nonsense.” There is no need to go any further in her rambling, disjointed piece. Smith simply does not understand that it is precisely this kind of “nonsense” that the Founding Fathers intended to protect.

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Is the FBI Using “Legacy Tokens” to Shield Mental Health Records & Psychotropic Drug Cocktails of Mass Shooters From The Public?


According to recently released information about the Covenant School shooter, Audrey Hale, psychiatric “treatment” was part of Hale’s life since early childhood. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) were aware of this important information within days of the shooting but have refused to share it with the public. Why?

Recall that on March 27 of last year, Hale deliberately traveled to the Covenant School with the sole purpose of taking lives. The mentally ill shooter succeeded in taking the lives of three children and three adult staff.

More than a year has passed since the shooting and, finally, information about Hale and her mental health history is being made public, including information about the cocktail of prescription drugs Hale had been prescribed.

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Newly Released Maine Shooting Documents Skip Shooter’s Mental Health Treatment


The Office of the Attorney General and Maine State Police release investigatory documents on the Robert Card mass shooting that occurred on October 25, 2023, with 18 dead and 13 left wounded. Of course, since then, everyone is trying to figure out what happened to the forty-year-old and why he snapped.

The newly released documents may help the public to understand just what transpired last October in Lewiston.  We learned in March of this year that Card’s brain had been sent to Boston University’s CTE Center for study. What came back was astonishing.

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Montana to Outsource State’s Mental Health System to China

Image by cdu445 from Pixabay


Many are voicing concerns about the State of Montana outsourcing its behavioral health to a private consulting firm, Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), which also happens to do business with China. Montana’s decision to hire A&M to revamp the state’s behavioral health system has sparked concerns mostly relating to the $300 million dollar price tag associated with the account, but oddly has avoided mention of the firm’s ties to China.  Why?

The Montana move to outsourcing these important high-dollar accounts highlights the Behavioral Health Commissions’ unchecked power and lack of public oversight. A&M, a global professional services firm, has a strategic partnership with the Chinese state-owned Zhongze Group, raising questions about potential conflicts of interest and national security risks. Entrusting a company with Chinese connections to overhaul Montana’s sensitive behavioral health infrastructure is for many a cause for alarm.

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BREAKING NEWS: Psychiatry Drops the Ball on Hale Treatment in TN

Image by mspark0 from Pixabay


Retired Nashville-area police officer, Lt. Garet Davidson, has reported that Covenant School Shooter, Audrey Hale, was much sicker mentally than has been reported and may account for why the shooter’s mental health history, including prescribed drugs, has been withheld from the public.

According to Davidson, a psychologist who treated the shooter in 2023 had referred her to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center psychiatric department prior to the killings at Covenant. Additionally, the Tennessee Star reports that Hale had fantasies about violence.

Further, Davidson reported that “there was communication, I believe, from the therapist to [Vanderbilt] Psych, and some of those records probably were shared.”  Davidson further explained “[Vanderbilt] Psych records showed specific ideations, fantasies about mass shootings, doing that at the school.”

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Is the Military Responsible for Robert Card’s Failed Mental Health Treatment in Maine Mass Killing?

Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay


The aftermath of the Lewiston, Maine, mass shooting on October 25, 2023, has been marred by allegations against state and local police. Specifically, the questions surrounding the military’s decision to require state police to transport Robert Card to a private psychiatric facility, Four Winds in Katonah, New York appears an untouchable issue. Why?

The public is no closer to finding out who Card’s treating psychiatrist was and what cocktail of drugs Card was prescribed. What exactly was the psychiatric diagnosis Card received at Four Winds? All these questions must be answered before any investigation places blame on law enforcement.

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Murders in Miami and Missouri Highlight the Need for Sunshine on Psychiatric “Treatments.”

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


The tragic cases of the father in Miami who killed his daughter and the mother in Missouri who turned herself in after killing her two children last week highlight the devastating consequences of the government backed mental health system embedded with the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industrial complex. The result of which is that no one seems to be getting better.

In fact, the data are never shared with the public about who is the treating psychiatrist or the name of the mind-altering drug or cocktail of drugs these killers have been prescribed. Why?  One would think government agencies would demand the stats of these deadly outcomes and use the information as a kind of measure. Knowing the prescribed psychiatric drugs, the killers were taking would be a first step in holding the court-appointed behavioral health vendors accountable.

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Another Mother Kills Her Kids and the Media is Blind to the Role of Mental Health “Treatment”

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay


The reality of news coverage across the Country relating to horrific mass killings, suicides, and tragic cases like that of Ashley Parmeley, the Missouri mother who killed her two young children, usually lacks crucial details about any mental health “help,” psychiatric drug use or the relationship with the State behavioral health vendors, the people who oversee mental health services for the state.  

Compass Health Network is the behavioral health vendor responsible for handling cases and providing services related to the Festus Police Department in Missouri, where Parmeley drove yesterday to turn herself in for the murder of her children. Its Festus location would likely be involved in any mental health assessments, evaluations or treatment needed for individuals taken into custody by the Festus police.  So, what is their relationship with Ashley Parmeley?

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The Difference


The psychiatric drug industry and big tobacco share striking similarities in their tactics, particularly when it comes to downplaying the risks associated with their products and targeting vulnerable populations like youth. The psychiatric community has gotten away with pretending it is based in science and medicine to sell its snake oil, while the tobacco industry wasn’t so lucky.

A key difference lies in the government’s stance – while tobacco companies face increasing regulations and warnings, the psychiatric drug industry enjoys substantial government support and promotion despite the existence of black box warnings on many of their medications.  Both industries have a history of misleading marketing practices and minimizing potential harms.

Big tobacco companies notoriously concealed evidence linking smoking to lung cancer and other diseases for decades. Similarly, psychiatric drug manufacturers have been accused of selectively publishing favorable trial data and underreporting adverse effects.

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