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PHARMA & POLICE: Unraveling the Ethical Quandary

Unraveling the Ethical Quandary:

Conflict of Interest in Police Investigations with Pharmaceutical Products at Crime Scenes

As the intersection of pharmaceutical products and crime scenes becomes increasingly prevalent, a complex ethical dilemma emerges within police investigations. The presence of pharmaceutical substances at crime scenes introduces a significant conflict of interest, raising questions about the impartiality and integrity of law enforcement procedures.  This is all the more concerning when NAMI, the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill is involved in training police officers.  NAMI is funded by big Pharma.  It is not only the substances found at the crime scene, but the substances given as “treatment” for “mental health.”  The public health departments, and police departments are more focused on getting people onto the drugs than safely getting them off.

This video interview delves into the intricate challenges posed by the involvement of pharmaceutical products in criminal activities, shedding light on the ethical considerations that arise when investigating such cases.  For more information or to sign the petition for federal hearings, please visit our organization  LINK TO PETITION



Trending Gun Control & Increased Mental Health Treatment Set to Boost Mass Killings

Trending in the Aftermath of Mass Killings, Gun Control and Increased Mental Health Treatment, Thanks for Nothing Governor Mills.

“Violence is not a simple problem, nor is the remedy a single, simple measure. The proposals in this bill are not extreme or unusual, or a cookie cutter version of another’s state’s laws. They are practical, common-sense measures that are Maine-made and true to our culture and our longstanding traditions while meeting today’s needs. They represent meaningful progress, without trampling on anybody’s rights, and they will better protect public safety,” said Governor Janet Mills.

“I hope, Mills explained, “that lawmakers will approach these proposals with an open mind, reflecting not only upon what they believe is best but on what those who disagree with them believe is best as well. For the sake of the communities, individuals, and families now suffering immeasurable pain, and for the sake of our state, we will act.”

Among the suggested measures to deal with gun violence in response to the Lewiston, Maine shooting, Governor Mills sends to the legislature the following: Establish an Injury and Violence Prevention Program at the Maine CDC: Strengthen Maine’s Mental Health System: Prohibit Dangerous People from Possessing Weapons.

All of that without the Governor ever even getting close to figuring out why Robert Card went on a one-man shooting spree. Talk about irresponsible and dangerous. We still don’t know the name of Robert Card’s treating psychiatrist, nor the psychiatric cocktail of mind-altering drugs Robert Card was prescribed, if any.  We do know he was “treated” by the Military and referred to Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital for more mental health “treatment.”  We also know the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) placed Blackbox suicide and homicidal warnings on an array of mental health drugs tied to what is pushed throughout the country as “treatment.”

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Kansas City Police Investigation into Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting Reveals the Influence of Big Pharma & Exposes Their “Mental Health Division”

Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting:

Police Investigation into Kansas City Chiefs Parade Mass Shooting Reveals The Cracks in the Long-term Investment in Big Pharma’s Police Mental Health Divisions

With sixty homicides on his hands, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas told a crowd at his first Town Hall Meeting in 2018 that money should be diverted to mental health and trauma to reduce gun violence and high homicide rates.  “You should be able to not have gunshots waking you up, or being a soundtrack of your life,” Lucas boldly told constituents at the meeting. Sounds good, right? Not necessarily.

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Parents of School Shooter on Trial and on Psychiatric Drugs

Once again, the November 30, 2021, shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan and the subsequent trial now taking place, leaves the public with more questions than answers. Most of the missing information deals with the son’s mental health.

It’s convoluted. First, we have reports that the father, James Crumbley, gave his son, Ethan Crumbley, “pills” and said suck it up when Ethan reached out to his parents for help (according to some of the released text messages of Ethan Crumbley).  This raises the first red flag.  What pills did James Crumbley provide to Ethan and did Ethan take them?  

It has been made public that the mother, Jennifer Crumbley, was taking Xanax which is a Benzodiazepine, which comes with a host of adverse events, including irritability, trouble concentrating, confusion, feeling of unreality, mood changes, actions that are out of control, attack, assault or force, nightmares, suicidality and agitation. 

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Saturday, February 10th – Join Us for Dinner In Vero Beach, Florida

Saturday, February 10th – Join Us for Dinner In Vero Beach, Florida
Must have confirmed reservations – see all details below RESERVE YOUR SEAT – link


AbleChild is honoring three investigative journalists for their achievements in protecting human rights by defending and supporting informed consent.  In addition, we will recognize an individual with an award for a lifetime of service.  Their dedication to the liberty of the human spirit has aligned directly with our mission of “informed consent.”  It is with great honor we share this moment with all our supporters.  The evening in Vero Beach, Florida will have some very interesting guests as well.   These talented and free spirited individuals have the courage it takes to release the strongholds wrapped around our individual liberties.

Join us as we celebrate these outstanding leaders and listen to their insights to overcome the challenges we face today.  Together our objective is to protect President Eisenhower’s Able Child and the National Defense Education Act. 


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Garland’s DoJ Report on Uvalde Elementary School Killings Done by Big Pharma?

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s public relations campaign of the deadly school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, adds little to what already is known but sheds a huge light on Big Pharma’s involvement in the investigative process regarding these mass shootings.

It’s hard to stomach Garland’s January 18th press release and the Justice Department’s Uvalde, TX Critical Incident Review and Recommendations on the shooting at Robb Elementary given its cozy relationship with third party mental health advocates. This sickening aftertaste is not only based on the 21 dead and 17 injured at the school, but an entangled and extraordinarily imbedded relationship the U.S. Justice Department apparently has, and has had for years, with The National Alliance on Mental Illness, (NAMI).

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Coalition of States Target Gun Manufacturers and Ignore Psychiatric Drug Epidemic Linked to Mass Killings

As the United States faces simultaneous challenges on various fronts, including economic recovery, a public health crisis, and geopolitical tensions, the decision by the State of Maine to  consider joining action against gun manufacturers is shocking considering the failed investigation into the mass killing in Lewiston, Maine.  This type of lawsuit is yet another attempt to blame the guns for the violent behavior of the perpetrator and deflect attention away from the known serious psychiatric adverse side effects of mental health “treatments.” 

It is ironic that lawmakers don’t use the same standard of placing blame on psychiatric drugs as they do with gun manufacturers but, rather, continue to protect the prescribing psychiatrists and Big Pharma.  The people cannot compete with having multiple lobbyists of “stakeholders” who support the well-funded parent groups, as in the case of Sandy Hook Promise, who have unlimited funds to do the bidding on pet political issues like the anti-gun lobby.

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Update on AbleChild’s First Awards Dinner

Our deadline quickly approaches to finalize our dinner guest list for the caterer.  It is our commitment to demonstrate an overwhelming amount of appreciation for James O’Keefe, Joe Hoft, and Stephen K. Bannon for their courage and tenacity in an Age of Lies.

Let’s pack the house!  Share this invitation, so we can fill the few available seats that remain before the catering deadline!

Without you we could not pursue this amazing work.  If you cannot attend this event and wish to make a donation to AbleChild, please click on our Donation link here:  As always please note that no salaries are paid from your donations.

Email us with any hotel inquiries and transportation needs.


– All of us at AbleChild