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In 2004, the FDA required a Blackbox suicide warning for antidepressant drugs of any class.  That warning became effective in January 2005.  However, the government agencies continue to push and fund the behavioral health industry and drug companies with our tax dollars without accountability.

The data they are using is fabricated; it does not include the BlackBox drug users.  The Federal and State authorities are withholding key mental health records of mass shooters.  This petition will help us obtain federal hearings to ensure we can discuss  with our lawmakers the association of psychiatric drugs, the failure to disclose mental health records and mass shootings (i.e., mass killings and mass murders).

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AbleChild’s First Annual Recognition Dinner In Vero Beach, Florida

AbleChild is recognizing three investigative journalists for their achievements in protecting human rights.  Their dedication to the liberty of  the human spirit has aligned directly with our mission of “informed consent”.  It is with great honor we share this moment with all our supporters.  The evening in Vero Beach, Florida will outline AbleChild’s mission with a multimedia presentation and introduction to our “God” moment of meeting.   These talented and free spirited individuals have the courage it takes to release the strongholds wrapped around our individual liberties.  Dinner will be included.  Join us as we celebrate these outstanding leaders and hear their insights into overcoming the challenges we face today.  Together our objective is to protect President Eisenhower’s Able Child and the National Defense Education Act.

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Maine Lawyers Up, Victims Lawyer up, Mass Murders Continue to Thrive in America

Maine is the latest State to experience a mass shooting. The Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, set up a commission that will engulf our country in a stalemate to obtain needed mental health records that may reveal the psychiatric drugs and devices the shooter, Robert Card, was prescribed prior to the mass murder.

Robert Card who was treated by the United State Military through Keller Army Community Hospital and a private psychiatric treatment center, Four Winds in Katonah, New York, killed 18 people and left another 13 injured in Lewiston, Maine. He had a history of psychiatric “treatments.”

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Mass Murder in Maine, Risk Assessment Expert on Governor Mill’s Panel

The Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, has selected several very interesting “experts” to find out what caused Robert Card to shoot and kill several members of the community in Lewiston Maine.

We know Robert Card was a mental health patient of the US military, through Keller Hospital, and also the private psychiatric hospital Four Winds in Katonah, New York.  AbleChild has already covered Psychiatrist Dr. Ng, now, let’s look at Dr. Debra Baeder.

Dr. Debra Baeder, Ph.D – Certified in forensic psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, Baedar served as Chief Forensic Psychologist for the State Forensic Service in Maine and then as the Director of Clinical Services for the Maine Office of Behavioral Health for 23 years.

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Will Governor Mills’ Commission Get to The Truth?

Isn’t it just swell that the Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, will be forming an “independent commission” to investigate the events leading up to the mass murders in Lewiston, Maine, including the previous signs related to the murderer.” That’s a grand idea. But will the Governor get to the nuts and bolts or is it just more political pandering and grandstanding?

The thing is, there is much to be learned that may shed some light on why the killer, Robert Card became another in a long line of mass murderers. Let’s start with Card’s mental health. It’s the best place to start. C’mon we all know that for fourteen days Card was “treated” for mental health issues last July at Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital in Katonah, New York by a Psychiatrist; he was referred by a Psychologist from the Keller Army Community Hospital in upstate New York. What we don’t know, and must know, is what “treatment” did Card receive?

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Inside AbleChild’s Humanitarian Visit to CT Mental Health Facility

AbleChild had an opportunity to do a humanitarian spot visit to a Medicaid funded Mental Health facility in Connecticut.  We were shocked at the condition of the property, reviewed the audit on the facility; and we were denied access to see inside.  This is what we found.  See below video and you decide.  Is this mental health?  The audit done shows that the State of Connecticut is not in compliance.

Rare footage of Connecticut’s Mental Health for Wards of the State.


The FBI’s Work in Mass Shootings Is Not Pretty


Over the past twenty years, the FBI has been tasked with finding out more about how to prevent mass shootings.  The definition of “mass shooting” includes incidents where three or more people are killed, per federal statute definition.

Former FBI director James Comey was in charge of finding what — and who — led up to some renowned, rather horrific mass shootings, which included Sandy Hook (2012), San Bernardino (2015), and Las Vegas (2017).  Comey was dismissed after four years by President Trump.

The shooting at Sandy Hook has been widely used as a prime example of the damage that most outlets and politicians tout as “gun violence.”  A November 2013 report issued by the Connecticut State Attorney’s Office concluded that Adam Lanza acted alone and planned his actions but provided no indication why he did so, or why he targeted the school.  A report issued by the Office of the Child Advocate in November 2014 said that Lanza had Asperger’s syndrome and as a teenager had depressionanxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder but concluded that these conditions had “neither caused nor led to his murderous acts.”

The FBI curiously made no headway into that, either.  The FBI’s gaping investigation holes include 1) a failure to investigate the ties to the treating psychiatrist of Adam Lanza and 2) the internal corruption of the Newtown Police Department with Operation Juice Box.  In a nutshell, Operation Juice Box involved selling long guns and drugs, from China, directly from the Newtown police station in Connecticut.

It is important to note that although Comey was not director at that time, he certainly had the ability to, at the very least, disclose to the public his investigative findings into the corruption plaguing the Newtown Police Department prior to and in the aftermath of the mass shooting.

The FBI’s and Comey’s failure to disclose to the public the two above factors led to the passage of arguably the most unconstitutional legislation in American history, such as massive spending on what may be called a “mental health industrial complex” and a gun grab from the American people.

A theme throughout all mass shootings is prior FBI involvement with the mass shooter, chain of custody issues, and misinformation of facts given to the public.  These appear to add up to an FBI culture of protecting the public/private billion-dollar behavioral health business our government engages in.

Comey also failed to speak publicly about critical data that he uncovered about Sandy Hook, allowing lawmakers to target gun manufacturers rather than the police corruption and psychiatric drug link to the treating psychiatrist of the shooter.  AbleChild’s work led to the arrest of Adam Lanza’s treating psychiatrist by Homeland Security.

Adding insult to injury, the FBI didn’t even protect the chain of custody of Adam Lanza’s body.  An employee of the chief medical examiner’s office allowed a family member to view the body during the investigative process.

Let’s now take the San Bernardino shooting as an example.  The FBI under the direction of Comey failed with investigative work into the details in the San Bernardino mass shooters; who exactly hired Syed Farook for a critical public health safety position?  Instead of focusing on an internal corruption cell within the government, Comey came to the microphones and warned the public not to “over-index” the fact that the FBI had prior contact with Farook prior to the mass murders.  He didn’t dispute the media’s claim that as an employee, the shooter’s motive came down to being forced to attend a Christmas party with coworkers.  Comey’s FBI crime scene also oddly wasn’t protected after the initial search into the San Bernardino tragedy; the media were invited in, destroying the agency’s ability to gather additional evidence.

In the Las Vegas shooting, Sheriff Joe Lombardo held a press conference on the release of the LVMPD Criminal Investigative Report of the October 1 Mass Casualty Shooting.  He said the ten-month investigation had revealed no evidence of conspiracy or a second gunman, and that the gunman’s motive had not been determined.  Lombardo said, “[W]hat we have not been able to definitively answer is why Stephen Paddock committed this act.”  A report published by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in January 2019 said that “there was no single or clear motivating factor” for the shooting.

Cofounder of AbleChild Sheila Matthews asserts, “Jim Comey, the former FBI director, appears to have misled the public on these mass shootings — and failed to share basic facts that not only could have saved lives, but changed the course of legislation that impacts our rights and freedoms.”  She continued, “It is AbleChild’s hope that federal hearings are held on the FBI role in mass shootings and evidence collection laws are protected and passed to stop inside agencies such as the FBI from protecting Big Pharma and their distribution partner the behavioral health industry that operates as our mental health system.”

The FBI’s continued failure to decipher key signals in mass shootings seems to point to a deliberate effort to cover for the billion-dollar behavioral health industry, which manages to obtain millions of dollars in state and federal funding after every single one of these mass murders.  Critical evidence that most shooters have been found to be on a cocktail of psychiatric drugs magically disappears from the FBI investigations and findings.

After the Virginia Tech shooting, FBI behavioral health analyst supervisor Special Agent Mary Ellen O’Toole said, “There is no typical shooter.  They don’t fall within a set of traits and characteristics.”  She goes on to say that “there may not be a single thing that can be done to prevent a mission-oriented person from committing an act of violence.”  Really?

The bottom line is that the FBI enjoys a level of secrecy on so many levels.  With this level of power, the Bureau has the ability to conceal toxicology reports and mental health treatment records that are pertinent to finding the actual common denominator that drive these “mission-oriented killings.”

Why does the FBI not disclose each shooter’s history of long-term mental health treatment?  Is it because the public would question these treatments and possibly choose alternatives?  Why would the FBI not focus on side-effects from drug treatment, which has evidence linking it to psychological damage and a risk of suicide and violence?  This secrecy clearly demonstrates a lack of responsibility and accountability, which makes FBI agents appear to have aligned themselves with the political ideology that is being foisted on the public, without full disclosure of evidence.  Compromised and without objectivity, the FBI is failing the American people and overall public safety.

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Proposed Legislation Misses Target in the Aftermath of Parkland Mass Murder

Following the Parkland school shooting sentencing trial of Nikolas Cruz, there is an attempt to make it easier for juries in the State of Florida to impose the death penalty, a bill has been filed in both houses of the Florida Legislature to change the determination from unanimous consent to just eight jurors voting in the affirmative.  Once again, special interest groups appear to be begging for more power in the aftermath of yet another mass shooting.

The State of Connecticut in the aftermath of Sandy Hook allowed special interest groups to hijack lawmaking to go after the 2nd Amendment and gun manufacturers. Florida in the aftermath of Parkland is now allowing special interest groups to change unanimous consent by a jury to eight in agreement to put a human being to death.  Both States appear to be willing to look at any measures except those that will address the real issue at hand, the State’s involvement (and responsibility) in the wide-scale drugging of too many of these shooters from kindergarten to young adults.

The sentencing trial of Nikolas Cruz exposed for the first time the psychiatric behavioral health vendors hired by the State of Florida to provide mental health treatment to Nikolas Cruz from a very young age. Cruz’s introduction to behavioral modification thru the use of psychiatric drugs began while he was still in elementary school.  According to court testimony, he was first put on Strattera in 2003 when he was just seven years old. The following is a list of what is known about his “treatment.” What is missing, and was absent from the testimony during his trial, is the serious adverse events associated with each of these drugs and increased adverse events when taken as a cocktail.

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The Ball is in the Court! Mental Health Outcomes on Trial

Public and private behavioral health relationships are killing our citizens by mass murder.  The merger between public and private entities has long been a problem for the American citizen. Have we reached a saturation level illustrated with mass killings throughout the Country? There is so much evidence at this point, it would be disastrous for us all to ignore.

Is the State acting as a double agent? An agent of the public and an agent of the private companies hired by the State? When the State is in that position, does the State support the citizen or the private company?

The mass school and public killings is a direct example and outcome of this 3-way relationship and hidden danger for the citizen. The State can no longer be trusted when it willfully selects the private company interest over the citizen. There is no greater crime when the State becomes a predator of the very citizen that is funding its existence.

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